Spindle Drive Lift Table SP

Precise positioning, oil-free drive

Our spindle-driven scissor lifts are newly developed and they are far superior to competing products due to their patent-registered knee lever principle for transmission of power. With this principle much less effort for the lifting movement is required, and this means high energy efficiency. The lifting movement is either via a trapezoidal spindle or a ballscrew with an electric gear motor. The gear motor is designed as a three-phase or servo motor depending on the load and lifting speed. 
This type of lift table is suitable in particular for precise lifting and positioning of heavy loads as it is often required in machine and plant construction. For use in dusty or humid environment, the spindles and drives are protected by bellows.

The advantages of the oil-free spindle drive …

… are in particular the highly precise lifting and positioning of heavy loads as it is often required for machine and plant construction, and in particular for the automotive production.

A very good speed regulation is achieved by using a ballscrew in conjunction with a rev control system.

Key facts about our spindle drive SP

oil-free drive, precise positioning

  • particularly suitable for lifting and precise positioning of heavy loads
low effort at a low gradient of the spindle, especially when using a ballscrew
  • very good speed control using rev control systems
  • exact holding of the lift position
  • oil-free drive
  • Low energy demand, because little drives can be used by selecting the corresponding conversion.

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