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Special machines for specific customer requirements

We are mechanical engineers with heart and soul. We have been building machines for almost 150 years: first country machines, then lifting technology and equipment for material handling. Additionally we produce special machines for specific customer requirements for more than 10 years now.
Quite often these machines are a combination of machining or tool machine with lifting and conveying technique, which can be integrated into existing manufacturing or production plants or expands it. Meanwhile, the demand is so great that customer-specific machines have become our core business.

Exactly the machine you need

A comprehensive inventory is the first step of our cooperation, so that we can build the best machine solution for you. Together, we will harmonise your requirements and local conditions.

Shall the workpiece be tilted, tooled, conveyed or handled? Or all together? Do you need a component for an existing plant or a stand-alone solution?

Give us a call, we will take care of it.

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If you need a special machine or plant designed for you, just talk to us. We solve your problem. Promised.

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Our custom-made machines

Stacking line with retractable railings for the automotive industry

Smooth flow of material

Gruse developed this for the automotive industry. It is the main part of an automatic feeder for tyre fitting. The separate hub systems allow a permanent loading of the downstream assembly lines. The high-performance redundant hydraulic power units ensure the continued operation of the two lift tables even in case of failure of a unit. Spare parts can be replaced in less than one hour due to the plug and screw connections. Thereby also a higher availability for the production flow is given. 

Key facts

  • 2 separate lifting Systems for permanent operation
  • Production reliability thanks to redundant hydraulic power units 
  • High availability thanks to quick replacement of spare parts in less than 1 hour 

Coil handling

Coil lift truck for handling of coils up to 50 tons

As a specialist for custom-made machines handling heavy loads, we are experienced in the handling of coils up to 50 tons. We ensure optimum flow of material with short material changeover times during coiling and decoiling process in your plants. 
We have developed and manufactured this lift truck for coil transport. The compact scissor lift table moves with a driven rail chassis. The lift truck is equipped with a mounting fixture to take off the coils. 

Key facts

  • bearing load up to 50 t
  • Traverse path 5000 mm
  • Coil diameter up to 2150 mm

CNC headwaters milling machine for foundry

Fast and accurate milling of casting channels in molding sand 

Gruse developed and built this CNC headwaters/funnel miller for the foundry industry. The machine cuts by CNC program the headwaters of the cope flasks of a flasked moulding plant. Two funnel milling devices with standalone CNC control allow funnels drilling or milling of casting ponds. Benefits are e.g. precise milling structures in optimum quality and extremely short cycle times. The custom-made machine solution has been integrated into the existing plant of the foundry. 

Key facts

  • Size (length x width): app. 10.000 mm x 2.500 mm
  • Fast thanks to extremely short cycle times and plant customized cycle times
  • Optimum quality: high accuracy and repeatability of the milling structures 

Assembly line for fan producer

Lifting, tilting, turning, mounting, conveying

Gruse designed an assembly line for a manufacturer of high-performance blowers and screw compressors. The Assembly line consists of 4 lift tilt tables and 6 load carriers with round track carriage. The load carriers are equipped with a mounting bar and they are slightly smaller than the lift tilt tables. The load carriers are transported by rail carriers above the lift tilt tables and then fixed hydraulically. Now they can be lifted and tilted. The rotation is done manually and possible in horizontal position, locked in 4 x 90 degrees positions. This way the heavy blower units with a weight of up to 2,000 kg can be placed in an ergonomic working position.

Key facts

  • 4 stroke rotary tables
  • 6 load carriers
  • Round rail chassis

Do you need a special machine or plant?

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